Featured image for post Gamevice is at GDC

Gamevice is at GDC

This is one of the biggest weeks in the year for mobile game developers: GDC, the Game Developers Conference, is happening right now in San Francisco, and we’ll be there to check out the latest developments in mobile gaming.

The last time I attended GDC, it was as an independent writer, before joining Gamevice and starting this blog. This year, I’m proud to return representing Gamevice. It has been a huge year for us, and for gaming in general, and we’re super excited to see all the new things mobile game developers have been working on.

If you’re a developer, and you have a new game with Gamevice support, get in touch with us. We’d love to arrange a meeting, see what you have, and show it off here on the blog! If you haven’t integrated Gamevice support into your game yet, and you have any questions about how it works, you should still get in touch – we can walk you through some of the details of integrating mobile controller support into your games.

If you want to meet up, the fastest way is to send us a message on Twitter. You can also follow the social links at the bottom of this page to get in touch with the other Gamevice social accounts, but with how busy GDC can be, we might not immediately receive messages sent to those accounts.

Either way, I’m excited to see what’s new at GDC in the world of mobile gaming, and I’m looking forward to sharing the news with Gamevice fans on this blog.